Hi beautiful soul,

I'm so happy you're here.

My name is Shawn Rae and I am a mother, multi-genre word weaver, poet, life coach, yoga guide, nontoxic living advocate, vegan, and compassionate Earthling.

Allow me to start by saying: This is a space for dynamic growth; individual and collective.

I spent nearly a decade attempting to decode this magnificent concept called "purpose." My young-adult life paired perfectly with society's expectations. I did exceptionally well in high school, was accepted into the University of Central Florida, and obtained a bachelor's degree. I landed a totally irrelevant and unfulfilling job ... and then another and another and another. Desk-hopping became a necessity. My soul was so hastily sucked dry, leaving me depressed and desperate for newness. I could have made a living out of building dreams; placing all the things in perfect order in a life-sized diorama. Except, when I stepped back to view my masterpiece, I felt lifeless time and time again. And every time the same questions arose. My fire was ablaze when my hands and mind were creating! Why then did my wonder, power, and passion turn to dust the moment I saw the picture this new life painted?

I wasn't walking in my light.

I was stifling it.

I was ignoring the message written on my heart.

In the face of near-death situations, it is common to hear that the sum of one's life experiences is called to the forefront of their mind and transformative action typically follows. Giving birth and becoming a mother is similar, however, it is not the collective events of your life that flash before your eyes, but the rich, dynamic power that lies within your soul - the lifeblood of your existence.


I'm here for YOU. But I'm also here for me.

Motherhood is essentially the breaking down of who we once were or perceived ourselves to be and the rebuilding or evolution of our individual selves within a role that requires us to belong to someone else in so many ways.

Through expression and discussion, it is my calling to provide a space for people ... mothers, sisters, friends ... to find solace. To arrive, through a string of words, at themselves. For the comforting exclamation of "Yes! Exactly! I can relate to that!"

So, welcome.

I look forward to being with you.