Conscious Parenting

Bringing life into this world is not to be taken lightly.
You've heard jokes about "poppin' 'em out quickly" but what's not so quickly discussed is the giant responsibility of mentally and emotionally molding this BRAND NEW human being.
Everything they do and say, especially as they begin to own their individual human experience, affects the world around them.
These tiny humans contribute in a big way to our universal consciousness. They will be an integral part of the collective heart, mind, and soul of all living beings inhabiting our planet.
And I witness the damage caused by unconscious parenting all too often; parenting without an emphasis on love or a lack of "parenting" all together.
News flash, raising children is not just keeping them alive until they're 18 and then washing your hands of them. Being a mom or dad is forever. It is a continuous learning experience.
You learn from them and they learn from you.
They are listening to the words that you speak.
And more importantly, the way that you speak them.
They are watching the way you treat others.
The way that you hug.
The way that you cry.
The way that you eat, clean, lose your temper, dance like no one is watching, roll your eyes, make scribbles in the book you're reading.
They feel the energy you emit.
Leading by example isn't even the correct phrase...
They literally do what you do as you do it.
Because that's all they know.
Our children are the mark we leave on this world.
Can we make every decision for them?
Hell no (ask my mom).
But we can give them the tools to make the right ones.
We can provide direction and stability and love and encouragement.
Because when you're surrounded by the right people with the right values,
There's a good chance the right things will happen.