Time is of the essence.

Parenting was so much easier when you weren't here in the flesh, screaming "ma ma ma ma ma" as I "indulge" in my three minute shower while singing "if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands." Being mom was so much simpler when I thought I knew what this whole mothering business entailed.
Let me just break this down for anyone without children who is even remotely considering procreation.
You know nothing.
And everything you thought you were or weren't going to do or say or be is a figment of your imagination.
You know that mother you passed in the grocery store? The one with the red-faced toddler, squawking some unintelligible, passionate nonsense, that refuses to peel him or herself from the floor of the cereal aisle?
Remember when you silently judged her and swore on all of your earthly possessions that your child wouldn't be like that?
I invite you to embark now on your journey of realization and acceptance.
You're not going to tell your tiny human who to be and when to be it.
Scratch that. You can try.
But there are no guarantees that they'll listen or follow your direction.
They are human after all.
Experiencing, observing, reacting, learning, feeling, expressing.
They, just like you, require the space and patience to become.
On their own time.
Which, SURPRISE, is your time now.
Your time is their time.
Even when you think your time belongs to you, I assure you, it does not.
Not in the bathroom, in the laundry room, in church, or at the grocery store.
You're who you are today because a woman before you gave her body, and heart, and time so you could be your own.
So in this moment pictured,
When time stood still,
And you did too,
It all comes full circle.
And I am reminded,
Is of the essence.