Some days, you will move mountains.

Our bodies come equipped with a very particular language, understood only by the soul housed within its walls.

Often times, we allow the heavy material spewing out of our mind to clog the channel in which we receive its messages.

We allow the static of our thoughts to blur our intuition, that which recognizes the thin line between pleasant and painful, beneficial and detrimental.

Our ego shoves our good intentions aside, reorganizes our priorities, feeds off judgement and encourages the glorification of perfection.

And then life happens.

Injuries, heartbreak, setbacks and sickness.

And the ego that promised us strength, power and success leaves us in a helpless heap on the floor.

It is then that a tiny spark of a voice appears. The channel reopens, your heart puts down its armor and welcomes you back with open arms.

It is then you will listen with your whole self.

It is then you will graciously learn your body's language and speak it fluidly and unabashedly.

Because we only get one vessel.

And, above all, we deserve to feel good.

So, move the way you want to.

Honor your temple with awareness, acceptance and grace.

Some days it will be capable of moving mountains.

Other days you'll barely manage the warmth of tea to your lips.

But on either day, listen closely.

Your body will have something to say and it needs you.