I see you,



Two years and one human later,

Motherhood is everywhere.

My breasts,

My eyes,

My abdomen,

I wear her,

Like the crooked, purple scar

I never wanted.




You didn't go,

I just didn't see you.

Not the way I used to,

At least.

But I'm here now,

Tracing the landscape,

With eyes that have belittled you.

Neglected you.

Rejected you.

You are so powerful,

But I've labeled you

with shame.


And I'm sorry.


You are not shameful.

You are not ugly.

You are not meant to be perfect.

You are meant to be lived,

And loved -

As much as I love the life you created.

I'll settle in again,

But please,

Be patient with me.

It's been a long time since

Your lines

Felt like home.