Sensuality is ...

Sensuality is
the glossy reflection
of merlot in
rounded glass
It is an expansion
and an undulation
in perfect
Like a smile
and a heartbeat
in steady orbit
It is the crescendo
of thunder
rippling through
The rolling hills
Of an Egyptian cotton landscape
It is tips of fingers
on edges of hips
and creases of lips
Studying the valleys
of collar bones
It is the warmth
of affection
in the space between
your abdomen
and the bottom wings
of your ribs
It is the way
your fork
rests willingly
upon your middle finger
As your lips
Close gently
the first bite
Of the liquor-soaked
Of tiramisu
It is your magnetic entrance
Into any room
the quiet knowing
Of your power
Summoning breath
And gazes
Of strangers
It is the first sips
of a crimson cabernet
as it wanders from
your mouth
to your heart
to the awakened flesh
between your legs
Sensuality is not just
what goes down
between your
hip bones
it finds
its true origin
in the space
between your eyes.