I cherish your ability to pull me into the present moment.
Without a wisp of fear, you dive heart-first into whatever stands before you.
You do it so expertly, so effortlessly, it's no wonder my heart follows suit.
There's a misconception about raising a child.
That the parent is the ultimate teacher.
I am not your teacher, wild woman.
But, you are mine.
Somewhere between the playground and the promotions, my inner child was silenced, buried under fear, anxiety, and expectations.
I forgot how dynamic, creative, and compassionate I inherently am.
And then you joined me on this journey,
Or rather, I joined you.
Everyday, a segment of this thick barrier between adult and freedom fades.
The honest reflection of the trees in your big, blue eyes,
Your tiny hands gently cupping yellow flower petals in a way that makes me think you're thanking them for existing.
You've taught me, little love, to live, untethered and tenaciously immersed in the now.
And truly, there's no place I'd rather be than with you,
right here,
right now.