"You're such a girl."
These words will find voice
at school,
on TV,
at family functions,
at practice.
In the event that this occurs,
and it will,
I will remind you of a time
when you were no more than twenty pounds
and just over two feet tall,
but you led
like an unstoppable force.
Oblivious to your gender
the only thing you were,
was you.
Bestowed upon women
of all species
is the power of creation.
We have the ability to
grow, form, nurture,
and carry another soul
within our own
and roar them into earthly existence.
The only other creator of breath and body
Is God.
If we are made
in the image and likeness of God,
one must question if God
is, in fact,
woman too.
False is the tale of Adam and Eve,
I feel in my bones,
the knowing of generations long before me,
Eve was not the temptress, she was the tempted;
She was not the ending, but the beginning.
She was not a menace, she was magic.
So when someone says
that you do anything
like the woman that you are,
know deeply,
that you are doing it right.